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How to Kill a Terrorist 2 How to Kill a Terrorist 2 Rated Stars A new one in the series. Terrorists in space Terrorists in space Rated Stars A new series about killing terrorists Gandhi part 7 Gandhi part 7 Rated Stars In this episode Gandhi talks about Michael Moore and his new movie Sicko. Gandhi 6 Gandhi 6 Rated Stars Another in the series this time about Cindy Sheehan. Redneck Judge 10 Redneck Judge 10 Rated Stars Episode 10 Al Gore's son The View episode 1 The View episode 1 Rated Stars A new morning show Redneck Judge episode 9 Redneck Judge episode 9 Rated Stars This week Judge Skeeter takes on NFL players Ghandi part 5 Ghandi part 5 Rated Stars Ghandi part 5 Redneck Judge episode 8 Redneck Judge episode 8 Rated Stars This week Judge Skeeter takes on Baseball and Steroids Special Needs Ninjas Special Needs Ninjas Rated Stars A new series I came up with about special ed people being ninjas Redneck Judge episode 7 Redneck Judge episode 7 Rated Stars This week Judge Skeeter takes on Rosie, again! Redneck Judge 6 Redneck Judge 6 Rated Stars This week Skeeter decides to run for president King of Hypocracy King of Hypocracy Rated Stars The King of Hypocracy Al Sharpton Redneck Judge part 5 Redneck Judge part 5 Rated Stars The redneck judge Skeeter takse on animal rights people Redneck Judge part 4 Redneck Judge part 4 Rated Stars The Redneck Judge put Paris Hilton on trial for being a dumbass. Global warming Caveman Global warming Caveman Rated Stars How to prevent global warming in 2007 BC Redneck Cinco De Mayo Redneck Cinco De Mayo Rated Stars Skeeter celebrates Cinco De Mayo Gandhi 2 "War" Gandhi 2 "War" Rated Stars New Gandhi part 2 He talks about war. Violence in video games Violence in video games Rated Stars Violence in video games is the reason people are violent. This video examines the effects Gandhi 4 Earth Day Gandhi 4 Earth Day Rated Stars Gandhi wishes you all a happy farking Earth Day Judge Skeeter episode 2 Judge Skeeter episode 2 Rated Stars Judge Skeeter talks about Sheryl Crow, and her global warming ideas. Judge Skeeter Judge Skeeter Rated Stars A new reality show with a redneck judge New Gandhi New Gandhi Rated Stars Gandhi part 4 Gandhi pt 7 Gandhi pt 7 Rated Stars Gandhi discusses Imus, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton Gandhi pt 6 Gandhi pt 6 Rated Stars Gandhi starts advertising The Dukes of Al Qaeda The Dukes of Al Qaeda Rated Stars Al Jazeera's new TV show the Dukes of Al Qaeda Gandhi pt 5 Gandhi pt 5 Rated Stars Gandhi comments on Global warming Infamous Survivor Infamous Survivor Rated Stars The next version of surivor Ghandi talks about Brit Ghandi talks about Brit Rated Stars Ghanid comments on Britney Spears The Jesus Christ Show 2 The Jesus Christ Show 2 Rated Stars The second in the series of The jesus christ show